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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

I’m trapped in a cube :- Chapter 9: Worm Infection

Chapter 9 Worm Infection

Researchers also discovered the same red worms inside the polar bear.

After completing their missions, both died, including the worm in the brain.

There was a male worm inside the sheep and a female worm inside the polar bear.

The “tragic love story” of these sheep also inspired the researchers.

Thus, they named this worm the “Red String Worm.”

Reading this, Mo Ling also felt the namer’s dark humor.

It can now be confirmed that the healing ability comes from the red string worm, and the enhanced senses are likely also due to some evolution.

This is the end of the initial record of the red string worm.

After spending a lot of effort tracking a sheep, such a strange creature was discovered.

Later records also describe bizarre behaviors of creatures infected by these worms.

Soon, the small car braked before a downhill.

Li Luo placed the image of the black horn into the database for searching.

She waved the electronic screen in her hand with the image of the black horn in front of Cube and then gave Cube a thumbs up.

Just like raising Gu (a practice of putting several potentially poisonous creatures together in a closed container with the idea that the one that survives can be used as a poison), the internal vibrational beasts’ jointed limbs sprouted various metal spikes.

Mo Ling hurriedly looked over.

It would not spread and would not appear in large numbers.

Several unconscious vibrational beasts on the shore were walking straight toward the center of the lake.

The direction the vibrational beasts were moving was toward the center of their habitat.

They were in a stalemate.

Through the screen of the instrument, Mo Ling also saw the shocking scene.

The view immersed into the chunk of flesh again—it was the red string worm!

Various forms of vibrational beasts were fighting continuously at the bottom of the slope.

What’s going on?

Mo Ling’s vision was limited and didn’t know what had happened.

Even just from the screen, Mo Ling could feel the frightening scene before him.

It has become a mass of bloody slime.

Waves splashed around as slimes fought and pushed the black object around.

Why is the target a horn? Can deceased creatures also get infected by the worm?

Just as Mo Ling was puzzled, Li Luo once again patted Cube.

It was an unknown creature’s horn, tough and straight, entirely pitch black with no visible color.

Information popped up; she compared them one by one but found no matches.

This was also why those vibrational beasts would attack Li Luo.

Mo Ling began to doubt the records of the red string worm.

In previous records, the red string worm was found only in single individuals within infected groups.

But those losing their walking ability could only hop around the shore, struggling to bounce further.

The flesh could only throb forward, flowing like liquid through the metal mesh holes.

She opened the map and marked a location.

Countless vibrational beasts swarmed in the lake center, their metal joints densely packed together.

With the throbbing flesh, the joints made the lake water quiver, and the scattered ripples extended to the shore.

It was trying to crawl out of the deep pit.

When their peers became obstacles, they attacked relentlessly like the sheep ramming against fences.

After driving the creatures back to the abyss, the red string worms disappeared from Earth.

The deeper they went, the larger the vibrational beasts appeared.

Left unchecked, the infected will naturally perish; attempting to stop them would instead cause further evolution.

The small car continued forward to a large lake.

An infected vibrational beast fell into the deep pit, yet its two metal legs kept moving.

After reviewing all the records, the only cure found was the “let loose” treatment.

But these vibrational beasts had lost consciousness, their spherical fleshy heads throbbing slowly.

Li Luo also clearly realized this issue, sitting in the car and contemplating.

The search yielded nothing.

The investigation stalled again.

Why so many?

Mo Ling also guessed Li Luo’s thoughts.

She hurriedly got in the car and headed deeper into the valley.

Even when the small car drove by, they did not react.

The number of vibrational beasts on the road increased, and these beasts had very keen senses.

She took out the recording device and started documenting the situation in the lake.

The spherical metal net sprouted another short joint, showing signs of evolution.

Again, infected chunks of flesh were brought to Li Luo.

Mo Ling’s vision also fixated on that abrupt blackness.

Across the lake, an evolved vibrational beast lay stranded on the shore.

Subsequent hunters also became infected with the worm after reaching the Abyss, but could only blame their luck.

Mo Ling only saw Li Luo’s pupils dilate instantly before she stopped the car by the lake.

Fortunately, Li Luo took out the recording instrument again.

Li Luo’s hypothesis was confirmed.

Under usual circumstances, so many vibrational beasts couldn’t coexist so peacefully.

Suddenly, Li Luo seemed to realize something and started the car, driving directly towards the depths of the valley.

It was a sea of vibrational beasts.

She continued to flip through the worm records.

But this also meant the mission’s failure.

Thinking of this, Mo Ling quickly eliminated the attacking vibrational beasts as before.

Each vibrational beast entering Mo Ling’s vision was already in attack mode.

The group of slimes squeezed together, forming a red pool.

Moreover, Mo Ling discovered that the red string worms found in the vibrational beasts’ brains were just juveniles, and at this stage, the host’s consciousness remained.

Spikes pierced into companions’ flesh, the bright red strands continuously stuck and healed, trapping the joints.

Weaker vibrational beasts were stomped into the ground by their companions; the further in, the stronger, with grotesque joints.

But the vibrational beasts’ riot was large-scale, unlike the red string worm’s infection.

Two legs merged into one, becoming fin-like, constantly moving with the head’s swelling.

At this moment, Mo Ling had the same question as the researchers:

Where were they going?

After recording the scene, Li Luo drove around the large lake and continued forward.

Li Luo did not need a reminder this time; she took out tools and started looking for the worm in the flesh chunks.

The rolling balls got stuck with each other, leaving only tiny gaps.

On the bright red water surface floated a pure black spiral object.

The intense vibrations liquidated the entire area’s soil, creating a funnel-shaped pit by the gathered vibrational beasts.

Without resolving the vibrational beasts’ disturbance, the mission couldn’t be completed.

Trapped vibrational beasts broke off joints and rolled forward like balls.

It seemed to absorb all light; if not for the curved edges, one couldn’t even discern the horn’s shape.

What were they fighting over?

Could the vibrational beasts controlled by the red string worms all be aiming at the same creature?

Li Luo zoomed in repeatedly with the recording instrument, aiming at the red pool’s center inside the pit.

The vibrations they emitted were enough to cause a massive brawl.

That was, a horn?

“Wait, help me get this, understood?”

She trusted Cube’s ability and seemed to realize Cube was actively helping her from the worm transfer.

After instructing, Li Luo decisively accelerated, rushing into the deep pit.

We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
I’m Trapped in a Cube

I’m Trapped in a Cube

Status: Ongoing
When Mo Ling woke up, he found himself trapped in a sealed cube. With only one cubic meter of space to move, an indestructible metal shell, no food, and no water, it was like waiting for death in a coffin. In this dire situation, Mo Ling discovered that his perception had undergone a strange change, extending beyond the walls and continuously reaching outward. The outside world was fraught with danger, but he couldn't move, only able to hide in the cube and influence this bizarre world. Faced with the clever misunderstandings of humans in this world, he had no choice but to find his own way out through unconventional means.



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