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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Mechanical Alchemist:Chapter 10: Extraordinary Items Gained

“Dual talents? What the hell is this?”

Suren lacked basic knowledge of this world, so even though he noticed the additional talent, he didn’t know what it was for.

He also noticed that his Spiritual Power value had decreased from “26” to “18”.
His Spiritual Power had decreased by 8 points, and the feeling of whispers in his ears had completely disappeared.

Suren speculated in his mind, “The principle of this altar is to sacrifice items and exchange them for extraordinary talents.

Previously, it was an eye for an eye. Now that my Spiritual Power has decreased, is it because the remnants of the previous owner’s soul in my body have been completely sacrificed, and I have gained a new talent?”

He didn’t dwell on this question too much, as there was no way to confirm it. However, at this moment, a strange thought crossed Suren’s mind: if he wasn’t a transmigrator, what would a normal person sacrifice to obtain this talent? Would they commit suicide and sacrifice their own soul on the altar?
“What is the use of this [Talent s-004- Death Reaper]?”

Ultimately, this was not a game, and there were no instructions on how to use skills in reality. Suren looked at it for a while but still had no clue. His body also didn’t undergo any changes or enhancements. He thought for a moment, decided not to dwell on it, and continued to test the abilities he gained from his eyes.

In an instant, he turned his gaze to the stone sculptures, and a string of words appeared on them.

[Broken stone sculpture]

Explanation: A stone sculpture without extraordinary powers, it has no significant observational meaning.

This time, Suren might have understood the purpose of this talent. “Isn’t this ‘appraisal technique’ from games?” This talent didn’t significantly increase his combat power. It could be considered completely useless.

It could be classified as a supportive function. At least, in a real fight, it was not on the same level as Baldy’s [Steelized Bones].

“Maybe I haven’t figured out the use of this ‘Omniscient Eye’ yet, maybe there are still undiscovered abilities.

This awakening ritual is not that simple considering its complexity,” Suren said, looking at it without much disappointment. At least, his eyesight had improved, which seemed to enhance his marksmanship. At this moment, he suddenly thought of something, stepped down from the altar, and took out the puppet rune that Pestoya had given him to appraise it.

To his surprise, he found out that it was a valuable treasure.

[Cursed Item: Rune Phantom]

Quality: Gold Description: It dislikes being controlled and enjoys controlling humans;

Curse Properties: Within a ten-meter range, it can mentally control target creatures with a Spiritual Power lower than 15, causing hypnosis, limb confusion, and madness

Explanation: It is material for alchemists specializing in mystic dolls; after specialization, it significantly improves skill and agility attributes and gains exclusive inheritance skills.

Evaluation: Body consistency of 93, this is already a very good quality material for advanced professions.

If it weren’t for this “Omniscient Eye”, Suren wouldn’t have expected this seemingly ordinary toy puppet to be so powerful.

“Limb confusion, it seems to be one of Pestoya’s extraordinary abilities?” He looked at the detailed explanation of the puppet and immediately thought of the scene where he couldn’t control his hands and feet and ate out of control at the banquet hall.

It directly deprived him of control over his own body, and this ability was truly strange.

“Moreover, it is an indiscriminate mental control,” Suren said with a slightly startled expression. If it weren’t for his stronger Spiritual Power compared to ordinary people, having this thing nearby would probably drive him crazy immediately.

It was equivalent to carrying a dangerous “nuclear radiation toy”. At this moment, he noticed a new term in the detailed explanation – specialization material. He thought of how Ivan, the bald guy, used a magic array to transform his whole body into a metallic scale armor. Could this be a special method for advancing professions?

Suren had a fair amount of strange knowledge in his mind and speculated that this so-called “specialization” was similar to job transfer in games. “Pestoya’s profession should be ‘Mystic Doll Master’, but how do I specialize?”

A series of question marks appeared in Suren’s mind, and he sighed slightly. His understanding of this world was too limited and lacked many necessary common knowledge. However, now that he had this “Omniscient Eye”, it seemed quite useful. At least, it allowed him to see these magical items without being completely confused. Suren put the puppet back in the wooden box.

To his surprise, he noticed that the box itself was also a valuable item.

[Level 2 Rune Sealing Wooden Box]

Explanation: A special alchemical box that can block Spiritual Power fluctuations; upon closer observation, you will notice some inscriptions on it.

Suren had previously felt that the patterns on the box were somewhat special.

Now, seeing this prompt, he took a closer look and found dense small characters carved on it. Surprisingly, it was a book titled “Introduction to Mystic Puppet Making”.

“Could it be that Pestoya thought my Spiritual Power was strong and suitable for being a puppet master? She not only gave me a ‘specialization material’, she also gave me a skill book for the profession?” Suren suddenly thought of the golden-haired and blue-eyed obedient girl, and a lingering regret filled his heart.

What a pity. He also didn’t forget his promise to the young girl, to find out why his parents burned her to death. But this estate had been abandoned for hundreds of years, so his parents were probably long gone. This “promise” might never be fulfilled. Then, he looked again at the butterfly brooch pinned to his chest by the girl.

It was also an extraordinary item.
[Pestoya’s Brooch]
Concentration +10
Explanation: A brooch with strong resentment. It is a delicate alchemical creation that allows the wearer to focus more on learning, spellcasting, and work. However, prolonged wearing will make one’s temperament moody and irritable. (Note: Your extraordinary powers prevent you from detecting or understanding many things beyond your cognitive level, so after careful perception, you also see a string of ‘unknown ???’)

Suren looked at the brooch and thought it was just a random gift from the girl. But when he saw the “???” note behind the brooch, a series of question marks appeared in his mind as well.

A sense of mystery immediately overwhelmed him. It turned out that there were things hidden in this brooch that he currently couldn’t understand. What could it be that even his “Omniscient Eye” couldn’t comprehend?

Could it be like explaining three-dimensional or four-dimensional space to a two-dimensional creature, where they can perceive it but can’t understand it? Something that even a transmigrator like him couldn’t comprehend definitely wasn’t simple.

“Could there be some secret hidden in this brooch?” Suren instinctively felt that something was amiss.

At this moment, the question that troubled Suren resurfaced in his mind: why did Pestoya’s parents burn her to death? Perhaps she had some sort of problem herself? In this world of extraordinary powers, who knows what strange beings exist.

If it wasn’t for the [Omniscient Eye], Suren probably wouldn’t have noticed any problem with the brooch. But now that he had discovered it, it made him more cautious. However, Suren suddenly thought that Pestoya was an important figure in this mansion.

Even if he had doubts, it would be best not to address them here. With that in mind, he decided to leave this place first before considering further.


We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Mechanical Alchemist

Mechanical Alchemist

The dark dungeons lay hidden beneath the earth, a labyrinth filled with countless ancient relics and treasures. Within these shadowy depths, there existed oddities and aberrations, cursed objects lurking in the gloom… Abysses and caverns were home to eldritch gods and mythical races… Artificers, cursed sigil prosthetics, and the towering black citadels stretched upward like fingers to the unknown… A mad alchemist’s brew of steam punk essence, a dash of the arcane, and a generous helping of the supernatural, all swirled together to forge a vibrant and colorful fantasy world. I am the Puppeteer Alchemist. All that I behold are but puppets to me. I alone am legion!



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