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We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!

Princess Who Hides Her Fandom Chapter 8

Translated by: CitrusHaze
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Princess Agnes’ private quarters were lavish.
Opening the vast and heavy central door revealed a spacious reception space that resembled a living room.
The bedroom and study were accessible via the right corridor, while the bathroom and dressing room were accessible via the left corridor.
As Emperor Alexander’s most valuable treasure, every décor, wallpaper, and furniture was of the finest quality.
Princess Agnes was relaxing in such a setting.
Stacks of invitations made of pricey paper were beside her on a luxurious sofa.
Initially, Princess Agnes, the social world’s ruler, would never miss a party.
She has not attended a single ball since she misspoke at a recent one and was disciplined.
As a result, except for Kylo, she had yet to glimpse the protagonists’ faces.
“I do have a vague memory of their faces, but…”
Except for Raymond, Princess Agnes was initially uninterested in the appearances of others.
As a result, she could only vaguely recollect the characteristics of other people.
Except for Raymond, everyone looked like squids in Agnes’ eyes.
Of course, she could see the main characters by attending balls and tea parties, but Agnes knew what the nobility discussed.
Daisy would relay their words to her daily.
“Lady Harper said there’s a rumor you cried so hard your face swelled up this much. Your eyes have shrunk and your nose has grown to the size of a fist. Do you want me to clarify?”
“Princess, I heard you were crying and on a hunger strike yesterday. But you only had a steak a few minutes ago! Do you want me to clarify?”
Daisy, as if compelled by a sense of obligation to record whatever she heard, retold all these insignificant stories.
That’s why she didn’t show up to the festivities.
There was no need to give them additional fodder by turning up when they were already the subject of noble rumor.
The most significant reason, of course, was that she couldn’t meet Kylo there.
Kylo Grey avoided any social occasions.
He secretly envied the nobles but never expressed his feelings.
He felt miserable every time he saw the veiled disgust in their eyes.
Kylo’s trauma and vulnerability was being a bastard of commoner blood.
That’s why he disliked social gatherings like those.
He didn’t even show up to the post-war remembrance ball.
“It’s absurd. Who are they to judge Kylo?”
It was ironic coming from someone who had been at the forefront of belittling and even slapping Kylo just a few days before.
“Now that things have changed…”
Regardless, she was looking forward to meeting the other protagonists.
Raymond, to be honest, she didn’t want to see him since his face was too fresh in her mind.
He was described as extraordinarily attractive…
However, she was intrigued by the original female lead, Hazel Devon.
Hazel was a lovely young lady with auburn hair and green eyes.
She exuded a warm and soft air, evocative of a first love.
She found that she had a sickly twin brother who was likewise quite attractive.
She was desperate to see him fully.
“The saint is said to be very beautiful too.”
The saint, who had black hair and eyes, had an unusual appearance and was a peasant character who embodied a heavenly essence.
Though Agnes is portrayed in the novel as the most beautiful lady in the world, readers prefer Hazel, who is associated with purity and the fairy-like saint.
“But, in Part 2, who did Raymond end up with? Hazel? Or even the saint?”
Hazel was dubbed the ‘original female lead’ because she had the atmosphere of a heroine from the novel’s beginning.
However, with the saint’s appearance in the middle and latter chapters, the love line became equivocal.
Princess Agnes was never considered a competitor to the original female lead.
The saint’s character was in a competing dynamic with the original female lead and male lead.
As a result, fans of the original story were divided into Hazel supporters and Saint fans, each supporting their preferred pairing.
Because the saint made most of her appearances with Raymond, many assumed they would be the ultimate couple.
Whatever the original story’s love line was, Agnes’ finale was more vital.
“What happened to her at the end?”
She did not perish.
She seemed to have attracted notice a couple more times with nonsensical statements after spending some time in seclusion outside the capital and returning.
Raymond was utterly fed up with the princess in various scenes.
Raymond was the crown prince’s political partner, and the crown prince saw the princess as a burden.
It’s unknown what happened to the princess in the latter half of Part 1, but she may have died in Part 2.
The crown prince never forgave anyone who stood in his way.
Agnes was the largest stumbling block in his otherwise smooth existence.
Given that the noble’s and commoners’ support for the royal family bolstered royal authority, he couldn’t overlook Agnes, who damaged that honor.
She appeared alive until the end of Part 1; her life wasn’t in urgent danger.
The crucial thing was… reuniting with her favorite character.
“I wish it were next week already.”
Agnes will begin her duties as a formal knight of the Order of Black Knights next week.
Finally, she’d be able to see Kylo again.
“Let’s do it right this time…”
She recalled going to apologize for slapping him and ending up talking like an idiot.
She was too overwhelmed at the time, but things had changed.
“I can do it.”
At the very least, she promised not to slap him again.
“Unless it’s to kiss that cheek.”
As a result, Agnes was looking forward to seeing her favorite character again.
She was never bored despite being confined to her quarters.
There were numerous unusual magical artifacts that blended technology and magic in this steampunk universe.
Princess Agnes was uninterested in her healing talents, but she was fascinated with magical engineering.
The royal family was born with extraordinary magical engineering abilities.
The enigmatic powers of magic mixed with advanced science resulted in magical engineering.
It was also the cornerstone of the empire’s enormous power on the continent, as well as the only weapon capable of combating demons.
The purple magic stones implanted in the empire’s territory provided power.
The first emperor combined raw magic stones, which were supposed to be simple rocks, to produce a new resource.
This ore created the foundation for magical engineering, ushering in the continent’s wealthiest and most powerful nation.
As a result, many were convinced that the royal family’s specific magic maintained the power of the magical stones.
Furthermore, the first emperor used the magical stones he made to win a long-running war against demons.
It was as if the magical stones had brought something to life.
The power to seal all the demons underground with a single blast of light must have been enormous.
However, the demons began to reemerge thousands of years later, and the people of the empire believed that a royal descendant with the talents of the first emperor would soon be born.
Of course, this narrative was so old that it resembled a children’s fairy tale.
However, it was confirmed that the royals possessed more potent magic than others.
The people of the empire admired and adored the royal dynasty due to the deeply engrained legend of the first emperor.
As a result, the empire’s level of magical engineering advancement was relatively high.
As a result, Agnes was never bored while playing with the fascinating magical equipment in her study.
She discovered numerous valuable items for indulging in her ‘new life’ activities.
It would only be one day before she saw her favorite character again.
The crown prince, Prince Damian, appeared unexpectedly at the princess’s palace.
Agnes was splayed on the reception room sofa, reading books about imperial culture to help her adjust faster.





We’ve Moved! If you notice any missing, empty, or incorrect chapters, please leave a comment below, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Regular updates will resume on June 10th. Thank you for your patience!
Princess Who Hides Her Fandom

Princess Who Hides Her Fandom

Reincarnated into a novel where my favorite character breathes and lives.
The beauty claimed to be the most beautiful in the continent. The jewel most cherished by the Emperor. The queen of the social circles. The time bomb of the Imperial Palace. I became Princess Agnes Saint, the one with all these titles and descriptions!
It’s nice being from a rich royal family, but… Like Draco Malfoy who scorned Muggles in Harry Potter, the problem was that ‘I’ was the despised tr*sh that insulted my favorite character’s integrity.
To make matters worse, she’s hopelessly courting another man. ‘My favorite character is Kylo, the male lead’s rival, and now I’ve reincarnated as a hardcore fan of the male lead…’
But now that it’s come to this… I will, at all costs, by any means possible, prevent my favorite character’s death and pave a flower path for him!
But if I suddenly reveal myself as a Kylo fan, everyone would think I’ve lost my mind. Kylo himself would suspect I’m a madwoman.
I didn’t want my baby cat, my Kylo, to be shocked in any way. So for now, I must hide this agonizing affection.
Plus, revealing your fandom has never done any good. So for the time being, I will perfectly…
‘Hide it.’



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